The Full Story.


“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass.

The great modern designers led us the way to good design, obtained with high quality products, professional services and precision during the entire process. Minimal iconic products are the result of years of studies.

An exclusive project is the sum of many examinations, research, quality work and collaboration between people; this process is then reflected in the best homes we live in. By seeing pictures, samples and presentations of the project we can now envision the space before it’s completed. Our approach is to use graphic images and photorealistic renders as a main way to explain the project to our clients; a valuable way of communication, showing immediately how the final result will be with each selected material or finish.

Modern Office


Life quality is enhanced by a beautiful home; we believe a modern home needs to reflect the personality and lifestyle of each person living in it.


Connection is the most important step for the whole design process; since the first meetings we establish a contact with our clients to tailor their home around their emotions and personality. We discuss the most relevant information, habits, preferences and expectation. From the challenge of small spaces to spacious houses, our aim is to picture a bespoke home that is really perfect for their needs.

By visualising your home first, you will understand and get familiar with your unique space; this is also a better way to try finishes or products before taking any decision on them.


Design is not a fashion habit of matching curtain with cushions and materials with colours; we believe in a timeless design as a deeper thinking of each person lifestyle and needs.


Director & Founder

Alberto Battaglia. 

Alberto studied architecture and design in Genoa, Italy, where he obtained a master’s degree in architecture (MArch). He worked for over 10 years with the major Italian luxury furniture companies, working on prime residential projects for high-end clients and he collected knowledges on the best design products and true client’s needs. After years of experience in connection with clients, he believes that the fundamental step in the design process is the alchemy between the client and the designer, working on every home as if it’s his own house.

He’s passionate of working and talking with clients helping them to understand and complete their true needs. Working with the end goals in mind and focusing on problem solving he has a fresh approach to each project, trying to always find a better way to create and enhance a timeless space that overdeliver client’s expectation. During his career he also taught in design schools and delivered presentations and lectures in universities and Interior Design institutes.   

Alberto believes in bringing competence and knowledge ahead of every project he embraces; he recently studied business at the London School of Economics (LSE) and combined with his education in design he founded deEYEgn, with the aim of creating the most unique homes.