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Your Home Office Summerhouse

Exploring the life-improving opportunity of working from home we learned how productive and healthy it can be, and how we can be less busy commuting. With summer houses it is possible working from an independent space but with the convenience of staying in the home garden.

Work involves focus and quietness, but also and necessarily comfort and inspiration, given by the feeling of working surrounded by nature, but with the protection and warmth at the same time. Depending on the weather and season, a versatile space can enhance further the experience, achieved, for example, with open sliding windows during the summer to create a unique space with the garden and the summer house.

To have the same features of a normal office, a proper lighting research is paramount in a summer house home office. Light needs to be present in high quantity but coming from the right direction; unwanted glare needs to be reduced to a minimum with proper lights but also considering indirect light and reflection given by finishes and materials.

Colour choice, sheen and furniture selection is therefore crucial; we need a place to be focus and active, but with the versatility of being in a relaxing space with the appropriate amenities for break moments. Painting colours of ceiling and walls involve neutral cold colours that strengthen activity like grey, light blue (in this case as the swimming pool) and off whites. Minimal and modern high quality furniture blend with the design of the summer house creating an immersive contemporary space.

Acoustics is repeatedly undervalued in residential design, but in this case it plays a central role and needs to be examined. Reverberance and background noise needs to be reduced to minimum for concentration and during calls and meetings; another time finishes, and material selection are essential for a good design.

To enhance comfort, large desks and stylish cabinets are selected, to hide equipment and create a tidy and pleasant atmosphere.

Break moments and informal meetings are vital for the work process and we need to include few but important distraction to take a break, like bar, small kitchen and a cozy seating area.

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